-A page

Okay, so I love Pretty Little Liars. Here I will Post notes from -A on how the show is going

My, My, My. These Liars have been bad. Aria’s parents are letting her see Mr. Fitz, but what will happen if someone leaks what happened that night in the cemetary. Something tells me that Aria’s parents would not be happy. Hanna, oh poor Hanna. She lost her best friend because of me. she is still lying to her mother about many things. What will happen if her mother or her smoking BF Caleb finds out what she has been doing. Emily misses her dead girlfriend. Sorry Em, but she was figuring out my plan. what happened to emily that night? only I know. Spencer, still lying to your perfect family I see. The apple doesn’t fall far from the hastings tree, does it? These girls better watch their backs, or something else might just happen to them.

Be careful my pretties.



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