I am back

Hey girlies! I am back. Sorry i have been away for a while but i was on vacay with my fam forever and we got back late due to complications. I got caught up with all my school work and now i am back. Just in time for halloween. I will be holding my “month of halphaween” ( heehee) this month starting now. It consits of contests and challenges that are halloween themed. Anyone can enter. I will post tge first challenge this saturday, so be ready. I will be posting fashion posts of hallowen stuff and other secret stuff. You will just have to wait and see. There will be a halphaween page.

Luv it,


Fashion of moi

Ok so i have not posted in a while. This post is about me and my fashion. I am a really girly person with a wild sense of style. Trust me, if there is a dress with peacock feathers on it, i will wear it. I love anything pink and anything with tulle. I love high heels and i love wedges. My favorite places to shop are charlotte russe, forever 21, sephora, and nordstrom. If you want my style, wear a lot of pink, ruffles, tulle and heels. My hair is short and blonde and i love straightening it. When i do, i flatten it in chunks so it has sort of a choppy look to it. When i curly it, i curl it in waves. What you do is you curl it and then tug on each strand a little bit to make it more of a wave. I also do a messy part to make it look casual. My make up is usually powder, conceler, eye liner, blush, and eyeshadow. I use black pencil liner to put a thick line on top and a thinish one on the bottom and connect the both. First i put conceler on any blemishes and then put pressed powder onto my whole face to keep it in place. I also concele under the eyes. I put blush on my cheekbones and a little under them and cover with a little powder to lighten a bit. Then i put light briwn eyeshadow in my crease, bronze up to the crease from the lashes, then i blend with an angled brush.
Ok well thats my routine.

Luv it,
Requests for next post accepted and contest ideas.

Sorry + fashion post #4

Sorry i gave been gone for a while.
I went on a retreat with no electronics or outside objects allowed total detox and feeling better than ever. And i lost 15 pounds and am now 102. Yay i am 18 and a twig with muscle from tennis. Okay here is the fashion post.

So the lace cover up i told you about has come into a big fashion.

Here is the next big thing.


The maxi skirt. Yes. Its the big thing in boho fashion. Especially when the back is longer than the front. Major points pairing this with the kace cover up over a bandeau. Pair is with sone wedge booties and youve got yourself the perfect outfit. Comment on what style (boho, girly, indie, edgy, or glam) you want to see next.

Luv it,

Luv it,

Easy way to get rid of minor acne

Okay, i know this will sound crazy but it has worked for me. Run for at least 10-15 minutes a day without make up. This causes your pores to sweat out the toxins. Make sure to take a shower after or the sweat and dirt will sit on your skin and make the acne worse. This is so easy and helps you get in shape at the same time. DO NOT wear make up. The makeup will not let as much sweat and toxins out, causing buildup. This is what i do to prevent acne. I do not use any fancy regimins. I just run.

Luv it,

Fashion post number 3

Here is another it piece for this season.


The short black pencil skirt. My sister actually gave me this idea. This is a classic skirt and can be worn with anything. It can be paired with a slouchy shirt for a casual look. Or a pretty and frilly blouse ( tucked in of course, girlies ) for an elegant and sophisticated look. I love this piece and actually wore one today paired with blue suede heels ( also in ) and a frilly blouse.

Luv it,

Fashion number 2

This fashion post is all about the new it piece.

The bandeau bra

This piece can be worn alone, in bathing suit form, or under that lace cover up i told you about. This is this seasons must have piece number 1.
A new page is coming. The must haves page.

Luv it,

Fashion post number 1

Hello ma chéris.

This week, i will feature a special piece and every week there will be a new piece.

Featured piece: lace cover up


This is a lovely piece and is great for over swim suits and over just a camisole to add a fancy touch.

Tip: Add a faux pearl necklace to this and jean shorts for a glammed up casual look.

I swear this look will be hot in late june to july. It will catch on.

Comment on what you want to see next. (hair, make up, clothes)

Luv it,