Fashion of moi

Ok so i have not posted in a while. This post is about me and my fashion. I am a really girly person with a wild sense of style. Trust me, if there is a dress with peacock feathers on it, i will wear it. I love anything pink and anything with tulle. I love high heels and i love wedges. My favorite places to shop are charlotte russe, forever 21, sephora, and nordstrom. If you want my style, wear a lot of pink, ruffles, tulle and heels. My hair is short and blonde and i love straightening it. When i do, i flatten it in chunks so it has sort of a choppy look to it. When i curly it, i curl it in waves. What you do is you curl it and then tug on each strand a little bit to make it more of a wave. I also do a messy part to make it look casual. My make up is usually powder, conceler, eye liner, blush, and eyeshadow. I use black pencil liner to put a thick line on top and a thinish one on the bottom and connect the both. First i put conceler on any blemishes and then put pressed powder onto my whole face to keep it in place. I also concele under the eyes. I put blush on my cheekbones and a little under them and cover with a little powder to lighten a bit. Then i put light briwn eyeshadow in my crease, bronze up to the crease from the lashes, then i blend with an angled brush.
Ok well thats my routine.

Luv it,
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